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WTB: MV agusta pista helmet

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I have been looking for one of these but can't find my size at all which is a small according to their chart. I contacted design corse as they had the size listed but they only sell XXL which I can't get away with sadly.

Thanks for the time Ben
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Ben, looking for a MvCorse Starfighter Helmet size S is trying to find the lost treasure. If there is one out there (original) long passed due, the 5 years of a helmet life time. Unless its for showroom.

Good luck mate.
Broke my young heart! I have always wanted one thanks very much for the info though. When did they first get produced? I would still be interested in one if anyone could help I herd you can get cheek pads to reduce size?
Ben...try Alex at GP Racing, he shows that he has a large and medium in stock. I will be seeing him tomorrow if you want me to ask him any questions
Thanks for finding that embo

I think the medium would work with different cheek pads but I'm not sure I could stretch to the best part of £1200 I'm not saying it isn't worth it I guess I have to question my commitment to the cause!

Thanks again
Would the shell sizes be the same on a small helmet as a XL? Only the inserts changing the actual size?
Looks like they have 3 shell sizes. Xs,s,m use one L,XL use another and XXL use the 3rd one.

XL with small cheek pads may not look right as it's a bigger shell than I would need?
Ben, it's about your safety.
Transmit 300 joules of energy to your noggin and you are dead.
Helmt shells and interior padding are designed to mitigate the transmitted force.
They work together as a unit.
Ben, also I use an Arai Large most of the time, however the Suomy tend to run a little smaller than the Arai, so I wear an XL. Might want to ask around to see if others feel the same. May want to go up one size.
Thanks for the help

I may have sorted something, I'm not sure how I came to the conclusion that I needed a small size I think I measured to far above my eyes. I measured again and it's 59cm so nearly a large il go and try a arai large this week. I found a mv pista helmet in XL so that may be a fit embo like you said if not I can get cheek pads that are a large as they share the same shell size so it won't affect safety.

Thank you again for the replies
Hi Ben,

I am also a 59 cm noggin. Arai helmets switch from L to XL at the 60 cm mark. Depending on your head shape (round v. oval v. long oval) and the helmet model, you may have scored. go here: to see what head shape you may be and go here: to see how to fit a helmet.

Different years of helmets had different model shapes, so be precise.
That videos is well worth a watch cheers for that. I'm 99% sure I am a long oval size the standard size. Il go and have a look in store this week and with a bit off luck il be able to order the mv lid. Definitely more to buying a correct size helmet than I though after watching that.
I thought I shouldn't make a new thread.

I'm looking for a suomy mv agusta pista helmet. I wear an XL now (Schuberth SR1). GPRacing has only one left in M size (he emailed me).
Sizes XL or XXL.
Anyone please advise. Thank you.

Edit: The helmet doesn't have to be new!! I'll buy it anyway! Thanks!
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