Hello everyone,

I've always been a big fan of the first generation F4 with the round exhausts. And in particular the Ago version.
I currently have a 1078 in very good condition, but want to expand the collection with an F4 Ago.
And instead of waiting on the internet for one to come along I thought this would be a better way.
That’s why I want to ask for your help.

What I’m I looking for:
  • Ago F4 first gen
  • With maintenance history.
  • Cared and loved for.
  • Up to 15.000km
  • RG3 exhaust
  • MV Certificate.
  • Location EU or UK
  • My contact details are [email protected]

I'm NOT in the high end markte and not looking for a ultra-low miles Bike that has stood in the living room or garage for years. ( Please I do not want to insult anyone ) And the current once now on the internet are not for me.

I just want to enjoy the bike as the previous owner by ridden it once in a while.
Should you own one, or know anyone how is thinking about letting it go, please give them my contact details.
All the help is very much appreciated.

Thanks for all,
Kind regards Michel