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(To put this into context, think of WSB racing over the last 15 years or so, and you have to know how my brain works to get this.)

This is probably only wild speculation, but look at an MV Agusta purchase by Honda like this:

MV Agusta makes 4 cylinder motorcycles. Unique among the current European manufacturers these days, isn't it? But basically the only engine format that the Japanse manufacturers make relevant to WSB racing.

There was resentment, I think especially at Honda, during the WSB days when Ducati was pretty much kept at the top by the rules (all through the 90's). After all, Honda was the only one of the Japanese manufacturers to seriously build and race a V-Twin in the series, and what did they do? They cleaned Ducati's clock. In the first year. I think they were trying to make a point. The point is anyone can build a twin and be competitive, which seems like it isn't fair.

I think this made an impression to some people. Certainly did on me as a fan. It's too bad, but Aprilia never really made a serious enough attempt, although as a very small outfit they were pretty competitive weren't they? Winning races on nowhere near the budget of Honda or the rest of the Japanese manufacturers.

Ok, fast forward to now. The rules still aren't fair, but maybe not as biased as they used to be.

Honda injects money into MV, mainly into the race program to get the bikes out on the WSB grid. Maybe even winning once in a while (I think we all know the bikes are probably capable of this). To make a point.

Now it comes time to make the rules for 4 cylinder bikes vs. twins. If it is perceived that MV has been mostly controlled by Italians in the races, with success, then this perceived bias toward a certain two cylinder'd Italian make by the rules makers which either existed or was perceived to exist can no longer be allowed can it? Now we have 2 Italian makes on both sides of the fence. Seems like a big reason among the Italians in control of the WSB series to make fair rules, doesn't it?

After all, now there is an Italian 4 cylinder on equal footing with a twin. In the previous days, it seems like the rules were defending an Italian bike rahter than defending a single brand, Ducati. Weren't they? No longer.

Holy cow, this could get fun, couldn't it?

It would be interesting to see the cost breakdown of developing and racing the RC-51 vs. the purchase price of a majority stake in MV. I think that the difference wouldn't be super huge.

Honda gets a prestigious brand, levels the WSB rules, and benefits from knowledge sharing from a new perspective. A perspective which makes bikes with an unquantifiable quality that does not currently exist in Japan. Win-win.

I need to think about this and make a more coherent argument. After all, it's not even 7AM on a Saturday...
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