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I've never had a bike get away from me because I've really trained myself to have exceptional throttle control.

But the other day (I don't know if I posted this already) the front wheel shot up as I upshifted into 2nd and 3rd. HOLY COW this bike has some serious steam at around 5-8000rpm.

It reminds me of my 2000 Hayabusa back in the day. I'm hard pressed to say that this has a better power band than all the liter bikes out on the market right now.

I was going to buy a MotoCorse full system this winter but I think I'm gonna hold off. This bike really "NEEDS" nothing. It's all a matter of "wretched excess" as they say. lol

I also realize that the abrupt throttle response that we all complain about is only a pain while riding on the street. On the track it no longer "seems" abrupt. Instead it's "Instantaneous". lol. It's amazing how different circumstances can change ones perspective on a matter. :laughing:
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