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Hi All,

loaded question, which I'm sure has lots of 'if's and's but's and where's'

I'm not yet an MV owner (current Triumph Street Triple R).

I've been pining over the F3 800, but am trying to hold out for a 2015 (not an early adopter, just got my first blu ray player a couple of years ago ;)

I've asked a couple of US dealers (Virginia, North Carolina) when the 2015's should likely arrive, but they're not sure (one speculated Oct-Nov).

I'd imagine that this varies based on location, model, alignment of the planets, etc.

Any thoughts or observations on when new model MV's typically arrive at dealers?


ps: i've been lurking the hell out of this alias lately. good set of guys and lots of good info. hope to contribute once I have something to contribute about ;)
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