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So I bought a second used stock muffler for my 2013 F4 with hopes to modify it for more flow/sound, while retaining the stock look which I prefer.

I’m thinking I’ll just make a mess of things if I cutout the top — kinda imagined opening it up like a can of soup — and the maybe replacing some of the internal pipes that are perforated with straight through pipes and remove some of the sound deadening material. Basically, the same thing people do on their cars, which even the manufacturers do.. bmw and sometime Dinan just take the same basic design and remove restrictions, allowing diy-ers to cut theirs up and replicate the design.

I’m probably a shitty carve’m n weld’m upper, so thinking maybe I’ll just find a custom exhaust or bike shop and let them go at it? Also wanted to have the entire thing polished or powder coated, as well as removing/shaving the seams(the clamshell edges) and welding them so as it’s a one piece design. That and shaving/deleting the exup valve.

Any thoughts? It’s a $250 used muffler. I can afford to spend a few bucks customizing it and still be happy with the results per dollars.
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