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Did a track day with MSV on 25/01 at brands indy, great day out and well organised. Was only my second track adventure so hit the novice group, the morning was wet so was dead slow......................however the afternoon the track dried out and had a thoroughly good time, was fastest in group and clocked a max speed of 141.2mph. after one session a fella with a trumpet approached me, said i went past him like he was stood still on the start finish straight so he had to come and see what the bike was, made me smile a lot.
The quickshifter was almost faultless and the bike felt glued once the track had dried out, and sweet jesus is the front brake good, scrubbing 140 without a rear brake was simply stunning, i wonder how good it would be with a fully functioning rear brake....................anyway as the year goes on ill be doing many more
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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