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Warning light query

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Hi, I've had this question out to the dealer for a couple of weeks now and am still awaiting an answer, so I thought someone here may know the answer.
Model 1090 RR 2013 - there are three lights in the centre of the dash marked as warning lights in the manual. The bottom light has an arrow in the manual noting it as the rev limiter warning light (presume it is just the one light and not all three). The others are not individually marked or given a reason for existing. The top amber warning light seems to be the stand down.
What does the middle red light signify?
The following problem has started to occur randomly but more frequently - this centre light stays on after ignition. Sometimes I'm able to get it to go out by turning the bike on and off a few times. Other times it will stay on.
Any ideas? Is it a problem? Anyone else have this problem?
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I don't know the 2013 models, but aren't there icons on those lights? Could be the charge system light? The owner manual must tell you....
I also sometimes get the same light - it's actually why I joined the forum.
No one really knows, best guess is it's a general check-engine light. I took my bike in for an oil change and some warranty work and I haven't see the light since. Who knows? :wtf:
Thanks for your thoughts.
Unfortunately the manual is silent on the what the warning light represents.
Apparently the question has been sent to Italy - will let you know if an answer is given.
Good to hear yours has been fixed Poon Stick.
I've received this curious answer from the dealer -
it's normal for the warning light to be on, and it's normal for the warning light not to be on?? It may have something to do with richness of fuel mix.
Doesn't seem to make sense to have a warning light turn on to warn you that things are normal!
Apparently it is only a problem if it also registers on the digital dash.
I've had the middle light (orange looking? I'm a bit colourblind) on a few times on cooler mornings and also when the battery voltage was low (I know this because it wouldn't start again at my destination) so I'm thinking it's just the general check light also. It's the somethings not right but we're not not sure enough to give an opinion light :ahhh:

I love this shit.....

some electronics idiot programmed a function......

and got it built into the dash.....

and not one of the stupid father fuckers wrote down what it was for?????????????

give me less electronic bullshit
This is the reason I have a 989r and not a 990r , no riding modes , no gear indicator and no led's
Just a drop dead gorgeous bike with a on or off only throttle. I love it!
sidestand is top (orange/yellow)
rev limiter is middle (yellow)
alarm/immobilizer is bottom (red)

Why it would stay on should be looked at, unless yer whooping the snot out of her.:yo:
Try this.
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