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If they manage to catch this scumbag, can I suggest that they parachute him into the middle of Afghanistan, armed with no more than a Pen Knife for defence, and see how difficult it is to earn himself a War medal..

Lets see how brave he really is ?

That might help him appreciate what it takes to earn a War medal and maybe give him second thoughts not to take medals away from genuine War veterans


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No John.....just push him out of the plane at 20,000 feet at let him watch the ground.......POS........a contractor remodeling my Father's house stole~$80,000 worth of Father was legally blind......the POS didn't own anything and the Police did NOTHING......bunch of turds

" have to provide receipts for the tools"

"really????? from 1895?????"

but what this POS did to this hero is worse:wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:

I have a friend that I would love to see catch this POS......he has a red diplomatic can't arrest him......the people he hunts down are usually felons that also deserted the military......if they survive him, they are ALL put in front of a firing squad......they all know who he is and that he is hunting them

I've seen him in action don't even see him move, people just fall down and they're out, he did it to a cop in broad daylight, the cop's partner, never saw it from 6 feet away

the cop ran into a waitress spilling her tray...and walked on

my friend jumped up spun the cop around..... "you WILL apologize NOW to the young lady"
cop didn't say anything....down he went

he turns to the 2nd cop "you pick up the tray and apologize to the young lady, it seems your partner can't" the cop did

I'm so tired of assholes and crooks......some times only instantaneous retribution works

in my life I saw my Father put a Judo Gee on twice, both times in his late '60's early '70's he faced 2 opponents, a 30 year old 6th Dan black belt, that couldn't take him down, that he locked up in 3 seconds on the ground........Judo is called "the gentle way" BS its to break arms and legs:drummer::drummer::drummer:
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