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So I am in Virginia Beach for the next few months. For those of you who know the area know that the beach is pretty nice, BUT for those of us that like to ride the roads suck.
So on Sunday I went out to scout some roads. I was told that there were so twiesties south of Virginia Beach, I am always skeptical of "twiesties" coming from squids. To my amazement I did find a few, and I mean a few, twiesties during my 150 mile scouting expedition. I must say that these roads are NO Dutchess County/Western CT.

Getting out of town sucked as it usually does, but not as bad as trying to get out of Long Island, NY. I was pretty disappointed as to the quality of roads I was finding until I reached a gas station in Hickory, VA (B on the picture) where some old guy by the name of Jow on a big ol' Harley (don't ask me what kind because I don't know) came up to me and said "you must be really hot in that leather jacket." He was wearing your standard squid outfit (just on a HD) as so were all the other riders that I passed. I told him "I like to dress for the fall not the ride." I asked Joe if there were some good twiesties in the area and he directed me to these 2 roads and told me to follow posted speeds or else... Had I not talked to Joe I would have never found those roads.
Benefit Rd in Hickory, VA turned out to be a pretty twiesty road (will be on every ride). The problem with Benefit Rd is that it is a country road and as such you have some dirt on the road. The turns were tight and impredictable, I was expecting one thing and got another every time. Speed limits were very conservative.
Ballahack Rd was the second road Joe recommanded, again another impredictable road with off camber turns and narrow. The area is dominated by corn field which at this time of year are pretty tall and that made some of these turns blind and pretty much crazy. For those turns that you could see all the way through the 90 degree turns were great!
The rest of the ride was ok, every now and then I would hit 2-3 mile segments of a few sets of technical turns. A few times uncoming traffic crossed the double yellow and reminded me that I need a lot more space to react then I was allowing myself.
Cops, none once I left the Virginia Beach area.
I will keep scouting the area until I find a good set of roads I can connect for a proper Virginia Beach TT. Next time I will venture West of the Dismal Swamp.
Bellow you can see a snap shot of the route so far:


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