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I have a late 06 plate F4-1000 nero model - matt black - mileage now 2200 miles.

At about 1750 miles I began to get really high pitch vibrations through the bars when bike was revved over 6000 prm, steadily getting worse at about 10,000 rom or so. really vibey ! ! especially when doing about 85 -100 mph (on the track of course)

Didn't appear to be doing it at slower speeds - seems to be geting worse - its not a shaking, but a really odd vibration.

When I pull the clutch in when it is doing this, the vibration disappears and the bike runs smoothly along. If I rev the engine with the clutch in the vibration is still there but not as acute ! !

I have taken the bike back to my dealer on numerous ocassions and they have said they can't find anything, or MV's do that ! !

I took it back again last week as it was still doing it and really annoying me and concerning me - I asked the mechanic who used to sort my previous MV to take a look.

He said that he had found the vibration and that it was an odd one. they now agree there is a problem, but after checking and tightening engine mounts, steering head under yoke, all bolts etc. and gearbox etc. dont' know what is caucing it ! !

It really is annoying as it didn't do this before 1750 miles. Its a really strong high pitch vibration - it really makes your fingers tingle after a short ride ! ! - I don't want to get white finger ! !

can anyone help or have they experienced a similar problem ?


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