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As some of you have seen my thread few weeks ago about the fuse
box unit problem.

For those who have not had this problem or do not know where to start.
Mechanics have told me to notify you guys for electrical maintenance

Step1: Check input-output of the faulty electrical.
Example: Faulty brake light
Input= Brake Lever connection, wires
Output= Brake light bulb.

Step2: If the problem is still anonymous. Check Fuse.
If dead fuse, simple....change it.

Step3: Fuse is fine. Get a new fuse box unit.
Substep1: Save yourself approx. $360USD
Substep2: Order the fuse box unit from local MV dealer.
Tips1: Make sure it's the right one for your bike, don't just order any.
Tips2: If the unit takes 2 weeks to arrive, you are sure to have
ordered the wrong one. Only 1 week for the right one.
Substep3: Install it.

It took the mechanics 1 month to fix the problem. 1st week to find
out the problem. A fortnight to order the wrong fuse box unit from
Italy. 1 more week to order the correct one. Installed the fuse box
unit on the day it arrived.

The reason of the bike sitting in the shop for 1 month is because
MV didn't give instructions to the dealer to order the specific one.
So make sure you are ordering the correct one.

Ride safe and if the bike stalls for no reason. It must be the fuse box
unit too.


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TIM most faults are poor earth's and corrosion in the wiring sockets.
I agree.
I mean, otherwise it must be the Fuse Box Unit.

The mechanics tested every wire possible and they are all fine.
It only leads to 1 last thing.

Anyway, this problem [email protected]#ed me up without a weekender for 1
month and I don't wish others have to figure the same problem
out in a month so they don't get to ride it.

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I replaced a unit recently on an early 750 and the replacement part is much lighter than the old one - much lighter. they've obviously had a redesign internally. I think they supercede to the same "late" number now anyway.

we had a demo go thru 3 of them in a few weeks back in '03 or whenever it was.
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