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OK, so I've now had the first service done, and had the new header pipes fitted. It's been raining on and off, butr I've been able to get a couple of reasonable trips in (200km or so).


The new pipes are a blast! Noisy though. Probably not as many decibels as my Aprilia with Akrapovics, but PENETRATING at 5000 rpm. At highway speed or through the twisties, I don't notice, but in suburban 60km zones, it can get annoying. I don't know how loud it sounds to 'the man on the street, though.

My two problems are solved:
- I moved the gear lever to its highest point, and now it slips comfortably on top of my boot. Buggered if I could shift those adjusting nuts on the footpegs though; they seemed WELDED on. I didn't want to force them though, just in case one was a left hand thread. Eventually, I got the service mechanic to break the loctite seal for me. (Must invest in decent quality spanners).
- I can now move from odo to trip on the fly. I don't know why it wasn't doing it at first; maybe the button needed freeing up a bit.

The new EPROM mapping is noticeably different; especially from lower revs. Have to be really carefull with that right wrist when taking off; that is, if I want to keep the front wheel on the tarmac. The throttle action is smooth though, with no binding.

Fuel economy is down, which I'd expect. It seemed to be about 12km/liter with the stock pipes, but on my last trip of moderate riding with the new headers, it came in at 11.25km/litre on a 200km trip (put 17.6 litres in the tank). This gives a range of about 215km. The fuel light came on at 172km, leaving about 40km 'on reserve'. The Aprilia economy was about 15km/l with a range of about 240. It doesn't worry me - that's part of having a high performance bike.

Have adjusted to the seat OK. Having my knees a bit higher gets a little uncomfortable, but on a long straight I can sit up on the pillion seat and stretch out like on a cruiser for a few seconds, to release that tension behind the kneecaps. I can also now stretch my leg out, and it doesn't hurt my hip when I put it back (this used to happen on the Aprilia, caused by the wider seat putting sideways tension on the hip tendons - us old farts with old joints are affected by such things).

Could I tour on this bike? You bet! I know the secret - don't stay on for more than 1 1/2 hours at a time. With a fuel range of about 200, I'll be doing this anyway.

Incidentally, out of interest; anyone know the 0 - 100 km/hr performance on the R? On the Aprilia, it was a bit under 4 seconds.
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