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I am not so sure it's age-related. I suggest it's the different 'class' of person who buys and enthuses over the MV rather than some of the dropkicks I have encountered on, say, a Honda forum. Enough said!
I would expect say a Duc forum to attract the same type of folks who are drawn to the MV brand? both are exotic Italians, MV just being more niche?
May be some of it is pot luck, a forum benefits massively from even a small decent core. Good manners, patience, effort, respect etc breed more of the same, and all the negative stuff can do the same. There is an excellent core on here and has been for a long time, it is also excellent to see how some of the new folks have stepped right in and helped. I think we are quite lucky. I really like the sheer variety of folks personalities, ages, countries/continents, and experience to be found here.

I would hope that as a community if one of us is clearly over the line someone would politely say something and I don't just mean leaving it to the moderators.
I remember when I was quite new here and one of the longer standing members was extremely rude to a very new member over their chain being possibly too tight. I didn't see anyone step in, I felt like I should of.
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