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I'm finishing up a tradeshow in Birmingham today, and will be meeting my wife in London for the weekend. Other than the normal tourist stuff, any cool motorcycle stuff to see or do in london area (accessible by tube/foot)? Any spectacular dealers, etc.?

1st visit to london, just 2 days there.


The Dude
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Most of the dealers in London are relatively small. The better ones are north of London, way out of the city.

2 days.... stick with the touristy stuff, it ain't a bad city.

My recommendations:

- Westminster Abbey is very nice. World heritage for a reason.
- St. Pauls - You can climb to the top and get some pretty nice views of the city (and a workout!) :conveyer:
- St. James Park & the Mall. The Mall is the street in front of Buckingham palace, and if you are lucky it'll have all the flags of some nation lining it. Used to be my commute down that road....
- Tower of London, Crown jewels inside are neat. Good pics of Tower bridge.
- Pub lunch. Fish & chips and a pint.
- A Guinness. depending on where you are from, you may not have received a proper pour! Poncy places will give you a shamrock on top.... (none of this 'fast pour' nonsense you get in the states anyway)

other than that, take your pick of museums, etc. they're pretty good too. tons of other stuff, but that should get you started... :guitarist

perhaps somebody who is actually from London can give some better tips... I only lived there a few years....

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