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I took a ride up to the Arizona State Moto Guzzi Rally in Prescott a couple of Saturdays ago. Let me tell you, that the ride couldn't have been more perfect!
I left my house in Buckeye and headed west on the freeway and got myself on Vulture Mine Rd. which takes me past the store into Wickenburg. I'm usually on this road during the week and pretty much always have it to myself, so it was no big deal being on it alone that day.
Next I got on 89 towards Yarnell and again, I basically had the road to myself. Traffic was very light and never really interrupted me through the twisties. Also, the local constabulary was nowhere to be found.
The section of 89 that leads into Prescott is one of the best sections of road I've ever been on. It's neck and neck with the road Alice's Restaurant is on near San Jose, CA. For the first few miles of twisties, I was alone. Then I came up to a group of cruisers going pretty slow. The all moved over and waived me past! Never in my years of riding on twisty roads has this happened! Now I know how Moses felt when he parted the Red Sea! The next bunch of miles were loaded with hairpins and switchbacks with no one in front of me and no one behind.
When I got to the rally site, I hooked up with my friend Nolan Woodbury and chit chatted bikes for hours including a tour of a lot of vintage Guzzis as Nolan let me in on the history of what's been done to it and by whom. You can check out Nolan's vintage motorcycle consulting website @
The ride home on I-17, Loop 101 and I-10 were uneventful, but I don't know if I could have handled the ride home had it been like the ride to Prescott.
Though lightning never strikes twice, I'll be praying it does the next time I go for ride in the twisties!
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