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Hi all,

For those that haven`t read any of my posts i`m a newbie here on the look out for an f4 750. I finally found one nearby ( edinburgh ) to go and see in the flesh.

Well all i can say is it`s love at first site. I couldn`t test ride it unforunately ( no mot ) so i wasn`t happy ( 100 mile round trip on my bike in the Freezing cold) , but it was worth it to have a play around and sit on one.

I won`t be buying that one. For the money the dealers asking i could get one that hasn`t been dropped. Also the mileage didn`t match the condition. 6800 miles and by the looks of it all underwater or in/under a skip. It would pass the 50/50 test for sure ( 50 yards at 50 mph ) but i`m a fussy bugger.

Sitting on it and giving it a few handfull`s was enough to convince me there is an Mv shaped hole in my life that needs filling. I just need to sell my rsv and get on the case. If anyone knows of a good early f4 750 going please drop me a pm.

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