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after i did the valve inspection, i did a little tune-up on my F4 1k. mostly it was just an adjustment of the CO setting to help smooth out the REAL low rpm throttle abruptness. moved the CO from ~3.0 to 4.0%. that helped with throttle response.

however, i ended up with a "thermal runaway" problem. with the bike fully warmed up, at idle, on the side stand, and both fans going, the temperature would keep going up, right up to the warning (234F). coolant is level is fine, both fans are pulling air. but it just wouldn't cool off.

should also point out that the idle speed went up a bit after the CO adjustment, from ~1200 rpm to ~1400.

today, i tried to get set the idle back to 1200. didn't really do it the right way. there are two idle set screws on the F4 1k, and i could only access one of them, since i left the airbox on and only removed the gas tank. but i did tighten the one i could get at, and it got the idle down to 1250.

and now the bike runs cooler. not a lot, but it does not exhibit the thermal runaway either.

i have some NGK CR9EIX plugs on order, and i plan to put those in soon, so i'll have access to the other idle set screw. i'll try to get the rpm down a little more and see if i can improve this.

just thought i'd share this bit of info for all those that have seen similar issues with engine heat.

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