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I just removed the fairing for first oil change. It took me enough head-scratching to figure out which screws to remove, I thought I'd post it here in case anybody else finds it useful. It's actually a very easy fairing to remove, considering how buttoned up the thing looks.

Only need a 2.5 mm and 4 mm allen

1) Remove these 3 cap screws on the top, side of fairing

2) Remove the headlight bezel and the screw screws holding the fairing which are behind the bezel. Here, the screw has already been removed on the right side of the bike. There is a little pin that keep the fairing from falling off until you slide it forward.

3) Remove the screw under the headlight - one screw holds on both sides:

4) Remove only these three screws on the windscreen brace:

5) Remove the screws behind the front wheel, above the oil cooler

6) Remove the three quarter turn fasteners under the oil cooler:

7) Remove the cap screw in the black plastic air escape vent:

8) Now, grab the section right under the tank and pull it out. Rubber grommet thingy, it just pops off. Slide the fairing forward and it will come off the pin by the headlight. Pull the whole thing off slowly and you will have plenty of slack to disconnect the turn signal. I was able to do the connector with my thumb nail but could use a small screwdriver too.


9) The metal lower portion is dead easy, two screws and a quarter turn (not shown) underneath:

10) Repeat for the other side, reverse to reassemble

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Dude, you are my hero. I was about to embark on this on my own. MV did such a good job of making it look polished that fairing removal did not seem intuitive compared to all the other bikes that I have owned.
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