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Ye swe are often asked why do the Aussies dominate when it rains when it very rarely rains down here.
If you look at all the guys you mention above they come from rural areas in Australia when they ride bikes on large farms and country hills as soon as they can walk.
They then enter Mini kharna's which are mini off road training schools, then they go Motocrossing and Dirt Tracking, before entering road racing around the age of 16 to 18. And the best time to ride is actually in Winter as summer is far too hot and is beach time and girls.(We are upside down)
So by the time they get on the road track they can swing a bike around real good in the dirt. Also when it rains down here you race rain or shine.
All the guys, Stoner, Bayliss, Vermeullan, Corser, Brookes, West etc all come from a rural area north of Sydney.
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