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I seem to remember an early magazine review on the the B800 critiquing the stiff clutch pull & the MV boss saying they were working on a replacement/fix.
I've just had Sprag replaced & now the gear indicator is FUBAR so I'm taking it in and asking for them to do any recall/replacement fixes.
It sure is a stiff pull on the clutch, good for my guitar fingers though :guitarist. Has anyone had this fixed ?
Any other things I should get done at same time ?
Starts well now with new Sprag, hope it lasts.
Getting metzler sportec m7rr tires on this weekend, I usually get Bridgestone S20s so I'm interested to see how these go. I didn't really feel the OEM tires were that good either though 7k is better than I got on my 990. Will review after a bit of use.
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