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For all you newbies, here's a summary of the WTF posts, in a single thread. (PS - There are no answer, just opinions, so form your own).

How many were imported into the US?

I only worry if MV comes up with a huge price cut down the road to make a room for the new upcoming <insert latest model>.

Due to the Bad news from Harley Davidson thread. I think our bikes are going to be worth more money.

Recently purchased MV Agusta F4CC, $65,000 US Dollars.

Agusta's like mine for sale AGO # 35 out of 300.

Anybody out there have any idea of the price of this bike?

Just put down a deposit on a <fill in year and model> and the USA MSRP is <fill in any number you think will draw attention>.

As far as price I was told <same as above>.

I think that is a good price point for the new <fill in model>.

I am not paying that but wanted to know what a fair price is with everything out the door.

Also i am #2 on the order list for the <fill in year an model>.

I am #1 on the waiting list.

I have heard some things about the <fill in manufacturer> that have turned it off for me.

I heard something similar in the <fill in forum name>.

What do you guys think is a better bike?

Over heating.

Which exhaust?

How to adjust your MV suspension in 400 easy steps.

I cannot believe my MV is having this problem.

You would think...

MVs are super expensive, therefore I am entitled to...

Just got my first MV Agusta Brutale Serie Oro!!!! (For God's sake, please do not add to this thread).

Limited Edition, one of a kind, super special, guaranteed to triple in price, from the Batman movie...(I'd rather read 300 pages about the above Oro, than see one of these come up for sale).

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you forgot the most important one....
"My 312R doesn't do 312km/h!!":banghead:
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