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Posted this before under 'Brutale' but resubmit here in the proper spot

'Further to a previous post on this subject I'm on the road again. Got to give Andre and the Boys at Star Twin Trading a big thank you for getting me back on board quickly.

As far as internet trades go this is one of the best. As far as trading with bike shops it's brilliant. Not often I've been able to say that about a bike shop and I've been riding for 40 years! Competitive pricing but most of all brilliant communication with no bullshit.

On that note a couple of dealers (official) in Oz wanted between $1200 - $2000 dollars for the hub alone, never mind all the other parts I needed. Big debate raging here at the moment fueled by retailers about taxing internet transactions. With gouging like that why are they surprised? Even if they did tax I'd still shop elsewhere. Time they got on board like the rest of the world.'


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