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Don't go too crazy with throttle body synch process and make it more complex then neccesary. On Fuel Injection sytems such as we have the air bleed screws are used to achieve harmonious intake manifold pressure (measured in vacuum, either mm or inches of mercury) at idle. The number is not important, only the balance. After achieving balance all 4 screws should be turned equally in or out to achieve proper idle rpm at normal operating temperature (neither hot or cold). Air bleed screws should NOT be bottomed out to achieve proper idle, or you have another problem (air leak?). As long as no one has ever messed with the linkage connecting the throttle plates together, you should not have to mess with them either. Rule of thumb: Don't touch any screws involved with throttle plates.

Unless you have other drivability problems above and beyond just normal service inspection you will find that you need only make very minor corrections for proper throttle body synch to accomodate for normal changes in engine condition over time (normal wear).

On the other hand, if you DO have drivability issues then the vacuum measurment can be a valuable diagnostic tool, one of many available to the knowledgable technician. Hope that helps a little bit

do not ever touch that f/n balance screw ,just cost me 1,150 dollars ,good advice above.

cheers eddy
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