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Strath was a welcome relief for the malleus not to mention the other smallest bones in the human body that had been over exposed during the past hour of an MV southern sojourn. It was on to Marylou’s for a well deserved coffee and some good old tyre kicking of the new Aprilia mille. Pulling into the Garage there it was right up front with a sold sticker on it. Entering the door there was more milles for sale obviously these lads are trading up for the V4. It is an impressive machine but old Desmo will continue with his SV’s. Even the Curvy is more than ample with its stock rear shock along with the soon to be installed Ricor intiminator and fork brace should have the yellow peril tracking like a factory 800 Desmo wakes up now and continues with the chronicle of the day.

With coffee consumed and not much else to keep one at The Garage it was off to the Mackie road once again. Ahhh those extraordinary 100 KPH series of Esses and straights lay ahead and with gusto it was a brisk run though a verdant countryside. Those new sections are sweet nice and smooth you can really nail the apex feeling the tyre spin up just a little to add some zing. Mackie 50KPH signage appeared and went; crossed the Flaxley gravel pit passed a BMW 1200 on the long left hand sweeper before tucking into the last few twisted bits before Echunga. Feeling pretty pleased with oneself Desmo preceded to River road and put in a brisk pace from there down to Greenhill via a back road from Verdun. Once on Greenhill Road the wide corners and nippy straights had the big four eating up the bitumen using the full width of my lane to extract that little bit extra by opening up the bends tipping in late for increased lean had ones mind thinking of Deviation road. This little gem is a narrow tree lined tight twisty road that connects the rider through to one of Adelaide’s favourite motorbike roads.

I took the right onto Deviation and poured on the gas for the straight keeping it in second as the first hook is not too bad but the consequent set of corners and hairpins are a good test of reflexes and throttle control. In fact I think the best bikes for this road are the 250 strokers of RS or RGV persuasion as it begs for extreme lean as you kick up and down the gears to extract power band speed making it a ride full of rider interaction. As opposed to a half throttle big bore effort with slower turning time and the sheer exertion it takes to throw 200 plus kilos of iron around dilutes the prospective thrill. Saying that it is still a blast and does lead one to the Lobie road where Desmo headed west at Forest Range for a hooting run down the range up the hill to Basket Range down the other side and across to Ashton for the final few Kilometres home via Norton Summit road then cutting back to Woods Hill on to Greenhill down the hills face to urbanization. Thinking that the Geelong Cats had had their day and what is the difference between an arsonist and the St Kilda Saints? Well an arsonist wouldn’t waste 25 matches.

Desmo_Rider. :smoking:
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