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You could have knocked me over with a feather....

Ordered a replacement gel sticker of the Italian flag for the right hand ram tube (after some scrote nicked the last one) from Motomail here in Auckland, New Zealand. NZ$34... (roughly US$15) OK, fair enough.

Called me back to say the distributor (Triumph New Zealand) had them in stock, and it would be at the shop in two days and they would call when it arrived. Nice customer service, so far so good.

Called back in two days to say it was there and FREE as the sticky had gone off. Did I want a free one (or should they re-order it), hell yes! A little silicone glue and its PERFECT!!!!

So, whilst we rag out the dealers a lot, something nice happened! I will order some filters when I am in next. Also picked up a MV F4 T-Shirt for the 1000S (Hydrogen, probably qualifies as vintage now), for US$35.... Nice!

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