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Kept my 910s for 3 ys and a half, rode 12.000 km, now I’m a 1090 RR owner.
Well mates, gonna try to sum you up my feeling about the two:
1090‘s got very comfy saddle, let u have straight position of ur bust, overclearance of the gear lever, awesome brakes. Exhaust’s sound ain’t as brute as 910, although I’ve got the link pipe sytem kit (MV Corse) on!
Watching back through the rear-mirror, you don’t have fuzzy frames any more coz of the vibrations…
Engine is a blast hid into a calm mood appearance, hard to realize how fast it is while twisting a “full throttle”.
Less stomping in urban areas and turns.
But it’s even lustful wheeling at 8000/9K rpm on 3rd gear getting out of twists.
Traction Control remains a mistery… at least I’ve only 2400 Km in my odometer, must be more experienced. To cap it all, I’ve had a little try of the 1078 RR. Yeah… 1090 is a masterpiece, 910 was the Brutale, the real Brute remains the 1078RR! Ain’t it?

Happy new year everybody

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