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Show off your MV Agusta F4

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Hi to one and all, i would love to see your F4.
Please can you put a Photo of your F4 on this thread :)
It would be cool to see them all together ...................
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Here is my stock one:naughty:


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Can't wait for some decent weather. I am restricted to looking at photo's now.
Really liking the MV logo on the side. Makes it stand out. Very nice.
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Don't you know about Andrew's "Bling Affliction"???? that's a magnesium swingarm!!! :naughty:
Magnesium, Titanium, and Carbon fiber is Italian Chrome
Looks good. How many people ask you "who makes it"
That's fantastic! Who painted your frame and where did you get the rearsets. The forks look outstanding on the bike!
rearsets are from the one of the forum sponsors, Evolution Bikes. Thanks for the comments. The crazy thing is I had a R1 with I went crazy on. When I purchased the MV I told my wife it is perfect. I will not need to do anything to it. $$$$$$$ later it has to be me. Just have to play with them and make my bikes mine.
Andrew....please tell me that your F4 get's used on the track and doesn't just sit on that carpet in your garage!

Had her out on the track about 5 times. After this years mods, I will be scared to take her out. If I drop her I am SOL. Will go out on the track for the Bubba III:mouthwate


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Randrew represents the best on this forum. A guy married to a beautiful, yet understanding lady........with the balls to spend a sizeable fortune expressing his personal vision on his bike.....yet willing to ride the beejesus out of it on the track. Don't let him kid you.......he's quite willing to ride the beast hard.

Come to Bub 3 and see for yourself. :)
Well thank you very much Randy. Here is a bike of the bike this morning. Added some more carbon goodies. Randy I have been instructed to tell you "she is a smoking hot chick". Yes she is much better than I ever deserved.


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Will have to make pics with all the CF and nice shiny parts. But for now...
Umm ye, wont let me attach, says database error. Will be back with new pics - hopefully will get uploaded
Try to reduce the size some. This is what it has done to me when the pic to too large.
I'm not sure how many times I have taken this exact photo...But I don't care, this bike has been stirring my soul for six years now, and I don't see that changing for some time. Besides, digital 'film' is free!

Rode it this morning, changed oil and filter over lunch, rubbed it with a diaper.

100% stock, all original, unmolested #211


Your bike is perfection.
What's wrong with that?:f4:
You will lose your mind then your bike will start to look like mine.
Here are a few good pics of mine.


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Not knowing if my girl will ever be next to such a great bike again. I had to get a pic. Dave you CC is just incredible:mouthwate.


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Very nice bike. Is that a Motocorse windscreen?
I just can't get enough of the red and silver paint scheme on these bikes.
Its Christmas again :):):):):)
Would of loved to have that under my Christmas tree
Thanks Donsy. I have to take some updated pictures as that photo does not due it justice. Its 90% carbon now with new FBF RG3s carbon cans, nose fairing, tank skirts, and also rear fender eliminator.

Waiting on the wheels from Paul so I can get it powder coated and some fresh tires.
Hi here is a pic a mate took.
Love the looks of this one.
My newly purchased 2007 F4 1000R. It is in mint condition but pretty much standard so nothing out of the ordinary ( if you can ever describe an MV as that!). 3900 miles and one previous owner. I also purchased a 3 year extended warranty which I thought was prudent!!
Only additional parts are carbon frame covers and metallic silver heel guards
I've wanted this bike ever since it was released and I was finally in a position to afford one....I'm a very happy man!!
Enjoy. Great looking bike.
Nice bike. Your son did a fine job on the plate.
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