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Show off your MV Agusta F4

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Hi to one and all, i would love to see your F4.
Please can you put a Photo of your F4 on this thread :)
It would be cool to see them all together ...................
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After almost a 3 week wait, I finally took delivery of it today. At last my own F4 750S! Will book it soon for some waxing and detailing, can't wait to drive this thing :love:

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You ride a drive the thing behind it ;)
Ouch! Just got the bike delivered and I was too excited, couldn't think properly 😅

Hard to believe the design is over 20 years old !!!!

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I have to agree. I saw by change a Ducati 998S yesterday and while it is a beautiful bike, aesthetics-wise I think the F4 comes on top![/QUOTE]
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FACT: They may leave you stranded on the side of the road sometimes, but they always leave you with a great view when they do. :love:
Are you the guy from BrotoGP? Literally just watched today your video about your F4's exhaust. Great looking bike, I can see you kept the dual pipe config (y) personally I prefer the looks of the quad pipe but I have never heard the dual pipe in person, it seems like the bike sounds and performs better!

Great podcast by the way, keep up the good work!

Below my F4 750:
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From yesterday's ride.

P.S. Front fender intentionally removed, it will be back on soon as I get the new 120/65 tyre installed...

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My 2000 F4 750, from yesterday after a quick wash:
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Clear varnish is already on the last pictures you can see a bit schelcht but is very shiny and very smooth top

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Nice MV Thomas! Quick question, are you respraying the entire bike? Or is it just the side panels?

I am planning on a full respray of my F4 (except air box and fuel tank), and I am struggling the find the tail unit's "F4" decal. I have managed to order original decals for everything else, however the "F4" for a nearly red/silver bike seems to be impossible to find! Any suggestions?

I had all the stickers made in org. Size and colors by Steve Bradford
[email protected] because MV z, t. no longer delivers and if at all very, very expensive.
Asks Steve a nice greeting from me !!
Thanks for the recommendation MV Thomas! After not being able to find the original ones, I found some dude from Italy on eBay that has some sticker sets for the F4 750, and they look exactly like the factory ones. Just need 2x of the "F4" logo for the tail, so let's see how they turn out. Will drop an email to your contact if the ones I got are no good.
Do you have an address or article number from Italy, would like to see the offers for me.
Sorry, I missed your message when you asked me. The shop is zetagraphics but it seems like they have run out! I had the item saved and when I was going to buy it it was gone. I contacted them and I am waiting for an answer.

These guys do high quality reproductions here in Aus. If you get stuck I can on ship them for you. I used them on my F4
Thanks Glenno, I actually only need the "F4" logo, the same you have on your bike. I will drop you a DM if zetagraphics can't get them for me.

Great bike! Did you buy it recently by any chance? I think is the same SPR I checked some months ago! Enjoy it, what a beauty!
Great bike! Did you buy it recently by any chance? I think is the same SPR I checked some months ago! Enjoy it, what a beauty!
I did buy it recently .. Where was the one you looked at?
Hi M1KES, it was a dealer in Lincoln, just checked exchanged messages and pictures with the dealer and it was #251, so yes, that's your bike! Nice example mate. Enjoy it in good health!
I don't think I will ever get tired of this view...

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting
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Is that photograph taken in the UK? You are from Spain?
Picture is taken in the UK, which is where I live and where the bike is located.

I am currently in Spain, I think that's why my profile is showing a Spanish flag, must be based on IP address or something. Why are you asking?
Just curious to confirm that it was the UK, as I thought that the building architecture and road markings/furniture looked very British. Looks very much like Cambridge?
I see, spot on, it is the UK (y) The picture was taken in Manchester.
Here is a picture last week of my trio together before this happened and it became a two'fer:cry:

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I sold the 996 on Bring-a-Trailer and she is on her way to Los Angeles.
Nice bikes Paxtonf1! Sorry to hear about your 996. On that note, how does this bike compare to the F4? I know the v-twin is quite different from the F4's inline 4, but what's your opinion? May I ask why you kept the F4 and sold the 996?

The 996 has always been one of my dream bikes and I have been checking the market lately for used 996/916s. I just feel like prices will keep going up so if I really want one, perhaps it is best to get it as soon as possible. I have never had the chance to test a 996 but coming from an F4 750, how will the Ducati feel?
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@F4AL Very good questions. First off, the riding experience could not feel any different. The 996 feels vastly more "mechanical" than the F4. Between the lumpy L-twin and the dry clutch chatter, the 996 feels like you are riding on something from the 1930's compared to the silky smooth inline 4 on the MV. At 6'7 tall, I actually found the 996 much more comfortable (legroom wise) than the F4 but they still do have about the same seat room as one and other and the same reach to the handlebars. The Ducati also feels much more fragile than the MV. I honestly love both bikes but they are two different animals. The Duc is much torquier than the MV however the MV (750) has much more power up top. Oh and the Duc gets a lot hotter in traffic than my dual radiator'd F4750.

As for why I kept the F4 and booted the Duc..... well listen, it's not the easiest job in the world to upkeep three old Italian exotic motorcycles. I do a lot of the work myself and unfortunately I dont have the time to be a custodian for three bikes. The 848 is very sentimental to me as it is a post divorce present to myself after a very hard split. The MV was always my dream bike. Ever since I first gazed upon one at Ducati Miami in the late 90's, I was hooked and I knew I had to have one. Right before I bought my 848 in 2018, I had the chance to buy an Agostini for a little under 8 grand. I was lethargic and didn't pull the trigger on time and since then I always viewed the MV as the "one that got away". This past August, I had the opportunity to buy an F4 again and though its not an AGO, its mine and it is the bike of my dreams. I will never sell it. It currently has 18k miles and it will clock many, many, many more over the years. I will certainly miss the 996 and would recommend to anyone to buy a well sorted one like the one I just sold.
Thank you for the detailed response Paxtonf1, so much useful information. It is more or less inline with what I have read about the bike but I actually didn't know they were so fragile. I made a good note of this and will definitely double check servicing history if I finally pull the trigger. Unfortunately mint condition 996/916s don't come cheap these days :/

Not mention the F4 is a lot simpler to work on !!
This! It literally takes 5 minutes to remove all the panels! 👍
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From today. Lovely weather in the UK for a change.
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