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After couple of days of owner ship i finally had the time to do a " proper " ride/ test on mountain roads that i know a bit, although short ride, 1 hour max, i was able to have a better feel of some of the bike's behavior and characteristics .
Still around 150 kms on the clock meant that i did not ring it, so engine wise i don't have the complete experience.
Position, i had to adjust the break and gear lever to suit me better and it made a considerable difference, i shifted the bars to the more forward position and also made the feeling better and more natural for me.
I like to move on the bike and that was a bit harder that on my past bike because the dragster is much smaller and the pegs are higher, it needs more athleticism to move properly.
Straight line the bike is very stable, i could tuck in without pushing my butt backwards and had a nice feeling.
Long sweepers and fast corners, it feels planted and confident inspiring from turn in to outing the corner.
Tighter turns, this is where you feel the back tire front tire's difference.
Turn in is precise but a bit slow, not really slow but not intuitive as the brutale, rivale or my old hyper, although much more confidence inspiring than the former, mid corner u feel the front wants to lean more to make the tight turn but the back wants to push straight, i found myself wider than the ideal line i wanted a some occasions, taking this into consideration i could then work the bars to keep my line.
Braking is very good but i am not sure why they have not fitted mono blocks like on the rivale which is a cheaper bike. Anyways it does not need them.
I did not feel any lightness or chattering in the front end, i guess because i didn't ring it yet, but maybe it is more stable than the brutale because of the wide back tire.
Traction control, i had it on 4, in a tight turn i had the back going side ways and i cut the power to get it back in line without ever feeling the traction control doing anything!! So i am not sure what's up with this i will have to test it more to see how good it is and what setting would work best for me.
ABS, i only felt it on the back tire while using my back brake, also new to me, i will need more time and situations to see if it will do its due saving my neck.
Suspension feels a bit harsh and does not swallow bumps, a bit of a stiff ride, we are lucky to have people from Ohlins coming in to do a conference and i have reserved for a personal set up of the bike next week. Will see how this will go.
After this ride, i am more excited about the bike and feel its potential, i am sure i am gonna have lots of fun, i like the front end feel and confidence inspiring behavior, i will give the 200 wide tire more time to get used to but i already think a 190 would be a nicer option for me, i like tight turns and like less going fast on high ways and fast sweepers, but still need the stability..... With time i think many will try different options and we will hear different views. Can't wait.

Hope this is helpful and informative.



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Nice review, similar to my thoughts when I took one out for a demo ride. I prefer the longer seat on my Brutale allowing me to move around a bit more easily, I found the hump in the Dragster seat keeps you up against the tank. I think the 190 tyre could be a good move too to sharpen up the turn in in the bends.
I'm sure you'll be impressed once you get the suspension adjusted, it makes a real difference :)
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