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[SOLD] FM Projects Exhaust F3 675/800



generally I'm not sure, if I'm allowed to place offers on this forum. So, if there are any rules which prevent placing offers here, then I would please to delete this thread unfortunately.

I've bought the FM Projects exhaust for my F3 800 and drove around 80 kilometres with this new exhaust. The exhaust is great. The sound is incredible hot and the design is, describing it with one italian word, "bellissimo".

Nevertheless I think I would like to sell it, because here in Germany it's very dangerous driving an exhaust without any homologation for normal street use. When the cops catch me and will check my bike, they will confiscate my bike and I won't be allowed to drive the bike back at home to undo the changes.

I'd like to offer this exhaust for 1300,- Euros (shipment excluded), including the bill from the MV Agusta dealer in Berlin.

I'll make some pictures of this exhaust mounted on my F3.

Further details can be checked here:
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