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Hi Guys…

I’m visiting my best friend who lives in Ione Sacramento from the 3rd October till the 18th Oct…

It would be great to meet up with a few MV brothers whilst I’m in the States.. :yo:

I will be staying at my mate house which backs onto Castle Oaks Golf Club, and hopefully getting in a few rounds of Golf and the odd beer I would imagine…

We’re planning a ride out around Lake Tahoe and an over night stay at Yosemite National Park.. A visit to Carmel is on the addenda, as well as hopefully a trip to Monterey Beach.. :smoking:

I’d like to meet up with Gazzer996 if possible, as I owe him a drink for sorting out some parts for me from Munroe Motors … so if yeah reading this Gazzer, please send me a PM as I’ve lost your numbers.. :ahhh:

Unfortunately, I won’t have an MV to ride, but my mates wife has kindly leant me her Kawasaki Zephyr 750.. .. Mind you, I never get to ride my own MV’s here in the UK, so I won’t know what I’m missing..

If there’s anyone who wants to meet up and have a few beers and a laugh with an ageing Old Fart, then please PM me and I’ll give you my broladex details..:naughty:

It would be great to meet up and have a ride out with a few of the Californian MV Bro’s.. :f4:

Is there an good Motor Bike accessory shops that stock trick MV parts near Ione ???? :stickpoke

If anyone needs anything bringing over, and it doesn't weigh a ton, then let me know and I'll see if I can fit it in the suitcase..

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John you lucky sod, I want to retire to Monterey, love the place

also: sneak into Yosemite with a base rig in your car boot/trunk and base jump El Capitan, just dont land in the river bellow

Hope you enjoy:yo:

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From what I have just seen on the news there are seven trillion problems at the moment but at least the weather should be better than here :smoking:

(Other than the financial climate that is?)

At least here in the UK you don't have to pay just to have a "Butchers" around Chelsea, you will in Carmel though.

Take Roubles Johnny as American express might get derailed in the next few weeks


Have a wicked one m8t​
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