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Hi Guys,

Just bought a 2016 Rivale (4.500 km). In the short time I own the Rivale I can already say this is the most fun on 2 wheels I have experienced so far!

A point of critisism that I have are the head shakes (speed wobble, tankslapper, shaking steer) that I experience. Especially when accelerating on a bumby road, but also on straight roads the head starts shaking quite often.

I try to relax my arms as much as I can. Tyres and tyre pressure is ok (front 2,5 bars and rear 2,6 bars). As the bike has only 4.500 km on it the suspension should be ok (not sure about its adjustment).

Do you (Rivale drivers) experience the same?

Hi Kappah,

Insanely late input from me-not been on here for a long time! Thought I’d chip in since I went through a bit of the same.
I will echo one of the points raised re: sitting position as number 1 contributor to sketchy front end feel.
The bike begs to be ridden in constant attack mode during active riding, balls to the tank, elbows out, tucked over the bars to get the weight where it needs to be.
Invariably, one will need to rest, get bum back on that nice wide rear part, and relax the throttle and sit up.
Nice set of curves coming up ahead? Time to move back into attack. It’s not a hugely simple bike to move around on (at least for me, I’m 1.8m barefoot), so this failure would bite me fairly often and induce flighty wobbly steering before I cracked it. Seems like an obvious one but the bike craves active input to make it shine.

Tire type? Tried a few, as long as you stick to factory recommended street tire sizes you should be all right. I ride Michelin power RS currently and they rock.
The guy whom had the bike before me thought it would be cool to stick an extra fat rear bike on, needless to say with an already lively geometry this only enhanced the issue. Stay stock size!

I am inclined to agree on the rebound thing. I also found it to be a pogo stick when pushed, but with pretty damp springs to boot. I resprung mine but that was off the back of enhancing on-track performance, doubt if I would have done it if only riding on roads.

Tire pressure and headstock torque may also figure in, but again... keep to stock settings and you should be alright.

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I don't own a Rivale, but the fundamentals of suspension are the same.

Assuming the tire pressures are correct (just run the factory pressures) and the bike is sprung to your weight (what weight are you?) what you are describing is often caused by excessive squat (rear) causing the front end to unload.

The brand of tire is a red herring.

Ensure your sag is set correctly first off.
Possible corrections are:
1. add rear low speed compression damping 1 or 2 clicks at a time until it resolves.
2. make the rear rebound alittle faster.
3. add a turn of rear pre load until it settle s down. In that order and record everything you do.
the following may also help but may negatively affect bike handling in other ways so if you are not experienced I would not do this:
4. Add rear ride height
5. Pushing the forks down in the triple clamps

Edit: Remember: to make compression stiffer turn clockwise, to make rebound faster turn anti clockwise.

At all costs avoid blanket number of clicks recommendations because weight, riding style and ability to load the suspension is very different from rider to rider. Even riders doing the same lap times :)
In addition try not to hang onto the bars to tight.
See a professional and have them help you. And get them to explain it to you.
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