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FWIW I obtained one of The Knurl’s ride height tools, which I understand was for the gen 1 bikes. In my reading at the time it was stated that the swingarm was 25mm longer. So I made a mark 25mm further on.
When I checked the ride height as per the manual, it fitted into the side plates without adjustment and I found that the ride height and sag as delivered when new required no adjustment. Exactly as per the workshop manual specs and method.
I was suitably satisfied to adjust dampening settings only on the rear, and explore options with sag and dampening settings on the front. I got to a point with my riding skills and style that I was happy with the way that the bike handled.
I note that the part numbers for the side plates are different between the gen 1 and gen 2, so cannot confirm if the difference is only colour or otherwise. Maybe someone with access to the frame data specs can find out.
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