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2004 F4 SPR
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Alright everyone, as mentioned above I purchased a Ride Height Adjustment Tool from FBF, finally arrived today to get a good comparison between this one and the tool Chuck @silentservice703 let me borrow (Thanks Chuck!). I also installed both on the SPR for comparison purposes. Using the same mounting points does not work, the FBF mounts one frame hole forward, Im guessing the new F3 and F4 share that same frame hole placement relationship with the swingarm pivot as the 1st gen F4's?

Also note: the (what appears to be a grade of SS) spindle on the fbf was a bit too large in diameter. Because it measures exactly like the Knurls spindle at a 12.9mm diameter, I suspect the elasticity of HPDE or Delrin assure a tight fit/give. I installed it as far in as possible without risking getting stuck... Id hate to resort to a bearing puller in that location. Went in about 20mm, enough to get somewhat of a close reading. Either way, I'll let Erlado know at FBF.

FBF measurement PitBull Core to edge of tool 222.5mm
Knurls measurement PitBull Core to edge of tool 222mm


1 - 4 of 4 Posts