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As has been reported on a number of F3s (and one F4 from what I could find) my 2013 F4RR had a brief 'no response to throttle' incident while on a ride last weekend.

We'd travelling briskly on a back road and pulled up at a junction. After idling for a minute or two there was no response to the throttle when I tried to pull away. There was no error message showing on the dash. After a few non responsive twists it was business as usual and off we went.

There was then some surging of the engine over the next kilometre or so, feeling like fuel starvation, which then cleared and I travelled the 3-4 more km to our lunch stop with the bike running perfectly.

I stopped the bike then restarted with no error messages showing on the dash and it ran perfectly, as it did for the next 180km to home.

The fuel level was close to reserve at the time all this happened so perhaps the fuel pump picked up some air under braking?? Seems unlikely, but with the non circulating fuel rail (I think) any air picked up would need to pass out through the injectors.

I spoke to the dealer today but they claimed no experience in the issue on F3s or F4s and suggested hooking it up to their scanner
which I'll probably do (as its close to service time) after putting a few more kms on it this weekend.

So, any other instances of this on ride by wire F4s? Is there an upgraded throttle assembly for the F4s?


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