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Hey-- wondering if anyone has removed the decals from the bodywork (i.e. not the reflective stickers that peel right off but the actual mv decals). Do they come off with heat? They look like they might be clear coated so not sure if this is will require a major amount of work. Do you have to to strip the clear coat, remove the deal and re-clear coat? If so, can any old paint shop do this?

The reason is that, after looking at the options, I am thinking I would like to have the 910R anthracite rear panels and fender on my 910S. I have the black tank and red frame and I think the anthracite will look balls with the red frame. :yo: There are no more Gladio kits (not that I want to spend $3100 for essentially paint :jsm: ), and custom paint seems risky, :errr: so this seemed like a good compromise. :smoking:

That being said, I don't want to have an R-poser bike. That would be like putting the "M" badge on a regular 3 series. :piss:

So... would like to take the "R" decals off of the panels and fender and replace them with the standard "Brutale" or "MV" decals. Thoughts?
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