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Radial Brakes Group Buy?

Anyone interested in a group buy on a rear shock or more importantly front forks with radial brake setup? :)

When I checked around a few months ago, the Marzocchi RAC50 USD forks were available here in the US for not a bad price. They came with radial fork bottoms. The hitch of course is that the bottoms were not compatable with our front wheel axle combination and the radial mounts were built to fit only the very expensive Brembo calipers.

Recently, as I'm sure you've noticed, MV is selling the Senna and the 910R with the RAC50 forks and radial bottoms. I'm not sure who is making the bottoms. Whether they are an MV creation or something Marzocchi has created and the forks are available as a unit. I also don't know if the new fork bottoms are compatable with our existing wheels and rotor setup.

So, there is some homework to do. I figured I'd do it, but if anyone is interested or have some info, please post up.

I'd also like to know who might be interested in a group buy. If we went to Marzocchi and said we wanted 10 pair of forks for example, they might be more receptive to getting the deal done.

There are several aftermarket radial fork bottoms available. However, these bottoms are not cheap and I worry about their manfacturing. (I'm just more comfortable going with a fork bottom created by a known manufacturer who I would assume would use appropriate materials/metal.) And when you figure in the expense of taking your forks to some unknown suspension guy and having him replace the fork bottoms, they aren't a great deal. In fact, it might be possible to get the complete forks for what a set of bottoms cost right now. And then you've got an extra set of forks which you could even e-bay to recoup some costs.

Calipers are around $200 each for the 4 pad Brembo two-piece rotors. Same items being used on Aprilia and Ducati bikes. Then you have lines.

Of course I'm also interested in Brembo radial master cylinders and the new reserviors made by Moto Corse.

Please post up if you're interested and would like to purchase in the next month or two. I would estimate complete cost somewhere around $2K USD.

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MV-999R said:
I would love to, but i can't spend that money on it now.
Sadly right now I'm in the same boat and can not give a definate answer...but

I'm selling off parts of my my high end audio system to fund my MV purchase. I was promised by the store thats selling it that it should sell by Jan end at the latest...(they led me to believe it would be sold weeks ago)...aarrgghhh...anyway if I can resist the urge to lower my price (more) I will have enough left over.

This is a great idea and I'm very intersted in these upgrades.
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