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Hey All, One of the first things i need todo to my 990R is to make it louder! Its just far to quiet for my liking..

I would absolutely love a MV Corse system, but they are just ridiculous money and I have other things I want to spend fun tokens on :)

A possible option is the QD Magnum exhaust from Design Corse.. my 990R has lots of carbon on it and is black, so i'm thinking it would look great, plus it keeps the slash cut look (which I have decided I really want to keep, after having the arrow thunder on my 910R)

At this stage i'm thinking of just getting the cans and running them on the standard headers/collector etc - and then get an arrow or similar to replace that at a later date (if needed).

... So my question is, has anyone had one of these with the standard exhaust? Will this make the bike alot louder?


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