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I am reposting the following from my earlier post in the New Members section.

"There is a short list of items that I have assembled over the years that guide my selection of motorcycles. This list pertains entirely to my current sport touring bike preference.
1. Close to 500 lbs. wet weight
2. 200 mile range mimimum
3. In the neighborhood of 100HP
4. Cruise control
5. Decent wind protection
6. Adequate touring luggage
7. Feet flat on the ground
8. Fairly upright seat position
9. Power for my heated vest and gloves"

My newish 2016 TVL only failed item #5. The stock windscreen was fairly ineffective. Got the Puig installed today. The one without the silly looking deflector on top. It was $103 from Cycle Gear. Item #5 is now corrected.

I couldn't find much info about this windscreen by searching the forums. Decided to give it a try anyway since it was relatively inexpensive and the stock unit was beating me to death.

I am 5'10" with a 32" inseam. The Puig is pretty effective. I am much more protected from the wind buffet in now. My feet come close enough to getting flat on the ground while stopped that I'm calling Item#7 good.

First motorcycle I have owned that finally met my specifications.
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