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Some info I ran across to possibly update the production numbers for the 750S:

"Serie S machines should start showing up in the U.S. in January, 2000, and Larry Ferracci hopes to import about 200 of the machines then and another 200 by June of next year. Total Series S production will be about 1,000 in 1999 and about 4,000 in 2000."

From this article:

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I have tried to create an overview of the models MV Agusta has made since 1997 to the present day.

And I need your help to find out: :)

-Which model I have forgotten.

-The production numbers on the LTD. model.

-And production number on the standard models.

Thank you for your help.:stickpoke

Here comes the F4 models.:f4:

1997 F4 Oro LTD. 300pcs.

2000 F4S 750

2000 F4 750 SP-1 Viper LTD. 50pcs. Kit

???? F4 750 Evo2

????F4 750 Evo3

2002 F4 750 Senna LTD. 300pcs.

2004 F4 750SR LTD. 300pcs.

2004F4 750Spr LTD. 300pcs.

2005 F4 1000 Ago LTD. 300pcs.

2005 F4 1000 Tamburini LTD. 300pcs.

2005 F4 1000 Mamba LTD. 300pcs. Kit delivered in three steps.

2005 F4 1000 Veltro Strada LTD. 14pcs.

2005 F4 1000 Veltro Pista LTD. 23pcs.

2005 F4 1000S

???? F4 1000 Corse LTD. 300pcs. Kit??

2006 F4 1000 Senna LTD. 300pcs.

2006 F4 1000R

2006 F4 1080 CC LTD. 100pcs.
2006 F4 1080 CC Pista LTD. 1pcs.

2007 F4 1000R 312

2008-9 F4 1078RR 276pcs

2008-9 F4 1078 1+1 1013pcs

2011 F4 1078 RR 312 Edizione Finale 30pcs.

2010 F4 MY2010+

2011 F4RR MY2011+

2011 F4 1000 RR edition 50ans école d'aviation de chasse LTD. 11pcs.

2012 F4R MY2012+

Correct me know if I'm wrong on any of the models.

UPDATE... Official USA import numbers:

Gen1 F4 Factory Production Limited Editions:

F4 CC 1080 .... 100 Total Units/29 USA .... MY2006-08

F4 Senna 1000 .... 300 Total Units/93 USA .... MY2006-07

F4 Tamburini 1000 .... 300 Total Units/59 USA .... MY2005-06

F4 Ago 1000 .... 300 Total Units/60 USA .... MY2005

F4 SPR 750 .... 300 Total Units/64 USA .... MY2004

F4 Senna 750 .... 300 Total Units/?? USA .... MY2002

F4 Serie Oro 750 .... 300 Total Units/24 USA .... MY1999-2000
Did you find the total 998cc 312 R production numbers... out of interest? :smile2:

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Wow, once you start making this many "specials"it makes you doubt just how "special" they really are....

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I am in need of someone that has more information that what I currently possess. I am doing some research for an 08 F4 R 312, the "issue" I am having is the VIN (currently using a "free" site so I am already considering that) comes back as an F4 1000 R 1-1 / F4 1000 Senna. For the year any one of these models aren't wrong so my assumption is the "trim" is what specifically labels the bike, does anyone have the breakdown as to what the different "trim" options are and where you are finding this information.
Thanks in advance,

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Gee whiz @ise5150 .... joined us back 10 years ago and just now saying "Howdy" ?? Welcome to the family , even though you have been here a while.
What is the VIN you are looking at??? There is some information from MV about VIN decoding dredged up by @The_castle , but it is not very conclusive and somewhat contradictory.

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This is the document that Ed (above) is referring to.
It is dated as 2011 which will probably mean that this version of the document has changes to the VIN found on bikes from MV that predate 2011.
I'm sure that some of this info will be useful or at least a guide to deciphering the 2007 / 2008 312R VIN.


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