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Greetings peeps,

First time I have been to XBIKES in Cambridgeshire, I was put off before because although they are only 26miles from me they are a little difficult to get to. I lost a little faith recently with my local tech, so decided to give them a go.

Chris and Dave are decent blokes with a great workshop, I think many mechanics would be jealous of their set up!

They know MV's very well, and from my little experience, their good with the little details, including closing the brackets on my fairing fastners so they don't fall out(I was using blue loctite).

Any Mechanic who is willing to spend time even on little details is the sort of Mechanic I want my bike to go too.
These are the type of blokes you want to use when you have any doubt with your local mechanics. partic the big jobs. Because you can have a full service, including valve clearances, suspension set up, and dyno tune all at the same place, at the same time!

Chris even spent some time adjusting my suspension for me, with no charge.

What I was going to offer you 'orrible lot is lift to/from the train station in Ely in case this would help anyone out. I am willing to pick you up from them, although to find them(not easy IMHO) you may wish to follow me their.
I will also offer to pick anyone up from Ely train station and take you back to collect your bike when ready.
I won't obviously charge for my time, but £5 for fuel each time would be appreciated.

I work 4 days on, 4 days off, so I am available often, I am also booked off every weekend now til mid September.
If peeps are interested I will post up my tel no, if the moderators think this post if useful could it be put up in the various MV sections?

Over and out MVBert.

Ps Chris if you read this, you have the nastiest dirtiest motorcycle helmet I have ever seen, you could at least clean the visor:laughing: so you can see where your going next time you test ride my bike:laughing:
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