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Im losing my mind on this.

WHen accelerating hard the bike will completely die and its because this fuse has popped.

I replaced the relays, checked my wiring, etc. Some people pointed to a taillight short (although it has its own fuse) and turns short (same). I just pulled the non hardness wiring (didnt want to cut into the harness quite yet. No signs of wiring damage under the seat anywhere. i was suspecting this since raising/lowering the seat could pinch, etc.

This morning i stripped the bike looking for any sign of wiring damage. All i could find was a very small amount of water in the headlight housing. Im wondering, its not enough to normally bathe any epectrics but I guess under load it could slosh back and wet the connector for the high beam (which I never have on).

While it has its own fuse, is anyone aware of anything running through those relays or the dash? I cleared the water and hoping its gone but I worry that its a false positive.
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