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Indeed Xavier, with those tyres, brakes, geometry, fairings, the metallurgy of the engine components & tracks without safety those guys had balls of steel to ride them like they did.

Everytime I see those old clips I am left mesmerised by them, sure today's guys go way faster but with the safety of the tracks and incredible technology available to them they are not quite 'those daring young men of yesteryear.'

Thanks for the post Stephen :)

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Déjà sur le blog? #!

Championnat 1954 catégorie 500 cm³

1 Geoff Duke Royaume-Uni Gilera
2 Ray Amm Rhodésie Norton
3 Ken Kavanagh Australie Moto Guzzi
4 Dickie Dale Royaume-Uni MV Agusta
5 Reg Armstrong Royaume-Uni Gilera
6 Pierre Monneret France Gilera
7 Fergus Anderson Royaume-Uni Moto Guzzi
= Carlos Bandirola Italie MV Agusta
= Jack Brett Royaume-Uni Norton
10 Umberto Masetti Italie Gilera
= Alfredo Milani Italie Gilera
12 Rod Coleman Nouvelle-Zélande AJS
13 Nello Pagani Italie MV Agusta
= Jacques Collot France Norton
= Léon Martin Belgique Gilera
16 Bob McIntyre Royaume-Uni AJS
17 Tommy Wood Royaume-Uni Norton
= Luigi Taveri Suisse Norton
19 Rudy Allison Norton
= Keith Campbell Australie Norton
= Auguste Goffin Belgique Norton
= Bob Matthews Royaume-Uni Norton
23 Harold Clark Royaume-Uni Norton
= Peter Murphy Nouvelle-Zélande Matchless
= Derek Farrant Royaume-Uni AJS
= Cyril Julian Royaume-Uni Norton
= Gordon Laing Australie Norton

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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