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i've been working with the people at phantom tracker ( to put one of these systems on my 05 f4 1k. it's a gps/gsm anti-theft tracking system. it also has zigbee and bluetooth wireless features. plus, there is an accelerometer for both motion sensing and crash detection. check out the web site to learn more about it.

the install is not finished yet, but i think i've got it worked out on paper. the tracker has a switched ground, which is part of the anti-theft capability. basically, if someone just MOVES the bike, without disarming the system, the tracker will open this ground feed.

the question is where should this ground-interrupt be placed?

from what i can tell, it looks like the best place for this is the "general feed relay" which is connected to the on switch (key). if i put the tracker switched-ground at pin 85 of this relay, then if there is a "theft" event, the tracker will disable the ground, and the general feed relay won't close - no power to the entire bike!

as i wrote, on paper it looks good. i gotta test it, of course.

but i have one question. does anyone know where this relay is located. i can't find it in the service manual?

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