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Hello all,

Hopefully a few remember me, it's been several hundred miles on my 250 ninja and one MSF basic course until now wherein I'm riding the Oro sparingly. I do have 600miles on her now and gearing up for her first tune up.

Anyway, I was wondering about frame sliders. Of course the notion of using them freaks me out considering the nature of the bike. I have added a few pictures of the frame sliders that I got.

One set, which I'm not too much of a fan, are from fast by ferracci and are titanium. The thought of how they would work baffles me because they are so small...

The other set, and I went all out, are from motorvation. I love them. I got a set of frame sliders, fork sliders, and rear axle sliders. Oh and handlebar sliders. I installed everything correctly at proper torque. The frame sliders require a new engine bolt and 41ft/lbs of torque--I had to buy a torque wrench because I'm OCD.

Basically, are these legit? I hope so just dropped 300 bucks on them. I figure they would protect the magnesium--that's what I'm really worried about.

They all were easy to install and I think they look great. I mean as great as one can get considering they are scar on absolute beauty:)

I was wondering if anyone else has these? Do they work? Has anyone had to use them?


p.s. no making fun of my chicken stripes...I'm new.


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Protection is a good thing, although you will still have damage if you use that protection at anything more then a very low speed tip-over.

The ti frame sliders are to protect the most vulnerable part of the frame, nothing more. The Motovations will do a better job, but you have to except the ugliness.

The FBF sliders are similar to the standard items on the 910R (although they are aluminum).

Ride safe and don't put yourself in a position where that protection is needed, that's the best frame protection.
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