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Original 'thou' - which one

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Sadly sold my '00 750 F4 last fall and miss it like crazy. Bad call on my part for sure. So, I'm shopping to get back into the MV fold, and just can't do a new model. Can't. Sorry- no offense intended. I need the original, red and silver, 5-spoke wheels.

However, I wouldn't mind moving up to the 1000 from my old 120+hp 750. I know each model year improved over the last to some degree- my 750 had all the ailments like plastic fuel connections, electrical gremlins, etc. Curious from this group of know-it-alls which 1000 model years would be good to seek and which to avoid.

Looking forward to being back in the pack.

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If you need the 5 spoke wheels you are limited to '05 and '06. Unless you buy a later model and add the rims. I had an '05 and never had any issues with it. Blue and Silver, it was.
05/06 like CAG said. Radiators don't seen to crack on these models and no overheating issues like the 07-09 models.
Thanks for the input. Good to know. '05-'06 it is then, most likely. Swap for carbon fiber front fender vs. red one and good to go.

Though speaking of that sort of thing- I wonder if the yellow tach face from the 750 would bolt up to these years. Loved that, too.
Hi yes yellow face tach works I have it on my 05 f4-1000
Great news on the tach. Curious- a faceplate swap or does the whole tach unit just bolt on and hook up? Could it be that easy? And not a huge issue, but the redline the same as the 750?
Hello I have the complete tach Assy installed in my 05 dash,I love the yellow face of the older tach,
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