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Onboarding from Sweden

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Hi all! So excited to be here!
I just bought the only (!) F3 Rosso registered in Sweden. My first MV.
The F3 has been my dream bike since releases 2012, and when the Rosso scheme came along it was just to much to handle. I have ridden the bike for 2 weeks or so and man, this is life!
I’m looking forward to get the best input from you guys and check out the classifieds for goodies.
Best regards from Sweden!
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Hello and welcome from the south✌ Where do you live?
Try her on track when you have the opportunity, that’s the best place for the F3😁🤘
Thank you!
I live in Småland, fairly near Anderstorp Raceway:)
Can imagine she is a dream on the track! Have you race prepped the 675 in your tag?
Welcome to the family !!!!
Thank you! Nice to finally be here:)
No raceprepping as of now, I have a tendency to overdoe those things🤦‍♂️
Just keeping on top of maintenance on this one and small things like grippy footpegs
My wifes 748 is a different matter, light, agile and very easy to ride fast on track.
Some old parts from when i helped a friend to maintain his racebikes makes it smooth.
We’ll be att Kinnekulle again with Racingworld in juli and august.
Maybe well see you there?
Oh, I see! Do you think it is okay for us to switch to Swedish?
Låter lite som jag när det kommer till att skruva isär, ändra, förbättra saker på allt jag äger haha. Just nu är projektet att få en mjukare sadel + lite ljud från avgassystemet. Något du varit inne på?
Får se lite med bandagar framåt, ska börja sätta mig in i den världen så småningom:)
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1 - 5 of 11 Posts