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Hi Allen, great to see you still pop in now and again man, hope things are well on your side of the planet.
As for oil temp gauge, I've tried to get into this, although it's a couple of years ago. The biggest problem was to the software that would run a system integral with the MV ECU, I couldn't find anything, so instead I drilled a hole in my sump and fitted a mechanical sensor and gauge, this was just temp and I used it to monitor oil temps before and after I did the oil cooler conversion.
It'll scare you if you saw how HOT MV oil runs, no wonder they use such thick oil.
I've got the new Microtec now, so might ask Chris if there's a way to get a input from a senser and an output for a small digital display.
You run a Microtec too don't you?

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Good to hear from you. It will be 5yrs in March that I have owned my MV. This is the longest that I have ever owned anything !

I have had Microtec on the bike since it was 12 months old, so I am sure that we can pick up the temps somewhere.

Over this winter she will get some extra fairing vents, possibly lose the gauze from the fairing vents, Samco hose kit, Design Corse uprated water pump and an 848 slimline 2nd fan.

I will also put on an uprated slave cylinder in the clutch, check the plates, pull the gearbox to check teeth, dogs and selectors. Fit a reverse shift drum. That will probably do me for 2015.

Then for next winter maybe a Zard exhaust and remap and suspension refresh.

It is still a scarily fast motorbike but I just have a thing in my head about the temps that they run and how this must be bad for oil and lubricity.
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