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Hi, Folks
I am working with David at Rexxer to identify the pins-out on my Brutale 1090 for tuning.
I have a 4pin harness under the seat and single wire going to a 3-pin harness under the front-right tank. The manual shows the diagnostics location under the right-front tank, but with three wires instead of one, like mine. David says he has had no problem using the under seat diagnostic connector for the Rexxer unit, and that there were some "odd" obd's between 2012-2013.5.
This is for the Marelli 5SM ECU.
So far we've been unable to shake-hands with the ECU in either location. I've seen images of a F3 2010 MM 5SM being tuned via the front SINGLE wire and one or two (can't see the image clearly) of the under seat OBD pins.
I am wondering if anyone has any information, and if any members would be willing to send me a pic of his/her OBD -- clipside and non-clipside -- or just describe the wiring.
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